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Here's a peek at some projects we're building at Hyperpublic using our data. Developers building with Hyperpublic APIs have free access to the same data used to power these apps.

Latest Projects:

Icon Hyperpublic Display App

Hyperpublic Display

This application displays the deep data that Hyperpublic has organized in an easy to view format. Hover over people, places, and things to view their tags and locations. Add yourself and a few tags so others can discover you.


Icon IsWhatImLookingFor

This experiment helps people find local places with 1 answer to their query. Often people just want to say what they're looking for and be told where to find it, without having to sift through tens or hundreds of options. Try it to see for yourself.


Icon Hyperpublic Search

Hyperpublic Search

Find the "best rock shrimp under $12 in the east village" or where to buy a "black leather dress belt" near the closest subway stop. Look for big things from Hyperpublic Search soon.


Icon Wifi Locator

WiFi Locator

This application locates you and lets you know which businesses have free WiFi nearby. This was created by friend of Hyperpublic @jeffreyengler in a couple hours using the Hyperpublic API.